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I’m SaraLi, a mixed-ethnicity 20-something Canadian solo traveling around East and Southeast Asia for over a year. I’m curious about different cultures, love learning about history, and a fan of KPop. I’m a “multipotentialite” (aka multipassionate) with interests in a wide variety of topics. My moral code: do what is good and ethical while constantly pushing yourself to improve. Self-development is a huge part of my life!

Spurred by a quarter-life crisis full of questions of existence, purpose, and meaning, I booked a one-way ticket to Thailand and one night in a hostel. This went against my previous nature of having everything planned in advance, to challenge myself, learn about myself, and build new skills by jumping off the deep end. I tend to do that when looking embarking on self-improvement: facing my fear of heights by going cliff diving, starting meditation by doing a silent 10-day retreat in the mountains of Myanmar, and learning to ride a motorbike in Southeast Asia. I’m glad you’re joining me on this adventure!

Each place is a new adventure and I love the variety. The major themes you’ll read about reflect just that: adrenaline rushes through exciting experiences, time-travel in historic places, unobtrusive peeks into local lives, getting lost down crooked alleyways to stumble upon unadvertised events, self-development by regular reflection, and finding joy in the little moments along the way.

What about the website?

This blog reflects my thoughts, advice, and ideas from traveling. There will be really helpful information mixed in with philosophical moments and some personal notes. I’ll get to re-organizing pages for you once I post more of those articles. Read what you’d like and I hope that this will help you in some way!

Traveling is one of the best investments of life. Through it, we grow, open our eyes, and connect with the vast world we call home. Discover yourself, other cultures, and the journey of life. Are you ready?

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