How to Get Around Cambodia: PassApp vs Grab

If you want to get around Cambodian cities like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, or Kampot, you’ve got a number of -rather obvious- options: walk, cycle, motorbike, taxi, public transportation (where available). If you’re in need of paid transportation, there are 2 free ride-hailing apps that you should consider.

PassApp and Grab

PassApp logo
Grab logo

Grab may dominate SouthEast Asia, but locally-started PassApp has carved out its own niche in Cambodia. Both are available, but each has its pros and cons:

    PassApp   Grab
    -Cheaper of the two
    -More drivers on this app
  -Can pay with credit card
  -Easier to use/better interface   

Both of these apps are great for a number of other reasons: safety, lower language barrier, no haggling of prices, tracking your journey, various options for the type of vehicle (tuk tuk, taxi, etc.).

The mutual con, from my experience in Siem Reap: neither of these services can enter the airport compound. They will pick you up or drop you off right outside the small parking lot and you need to walk with your bags for at least 2 minutes. Often with advanced notice, your accommodation can organize to pick you up/drop you off for free or a lower fee than the official taxis organized by the airport. I found another traveler in the airport and we had separate destinations but were able to haggle the coordinator to let us pay the $10 USD for two drop-offs instead of one.

What I used

Of course, I usually walked the 15 minutes to get into town from my hostel. However, the few times I needed a transportation service, I called PassApp. They’re cheaper as I already had USD and found that the drivers and general community understood it better.

Using PassApp

  • You can download PassApp in the Google play store here and you can download Grab here. Here are the Apple store links: PassApp and Grab
  • You’ll need a SIM card to enter your number and receive a confirmation code in order to begin using it. Try to download it before you get into the country so it’s ready for you to use with wifi!
  • Make sure to take note of the fare estimate before clicking “Book” – it disappears after that!

Step 1: choose pickup and dropoff locations

passapp booking confirm

Step 2: choose type of vehicle

passapp booking options

Types of vehicles available

Here are all the types of vehicles you can order from PassApp from cheapest to most expensive:

cambodia moto

Moto: ride on the back for a local experience!

passapp rickshaw tuktuk

Rickshaw aka tuk tuk: a 3-person, closed-in version of a motorbike.

cambodia remork tuk tuk

Remork aka tuk tuk: an open-air carriage with enough space for 4 adults. The seats open for small storage. Used for trips to Angkor Wat.

cambodia taxi

Taxi: the safest, most comfortable, and most expensive way to get around.

Other Helpful Info

Here’s my review and how-to use post about Grab (coming soon), an awesome app for the rest of Southeast Asia.

If you’re looking for a list of other taxi-hailing apps, here’s a good list.

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