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How do you keep memories of your travels?

keep travel memories with

Video, photos, and journaling are the most common ways and they all have their pros and cons.

What I didn’t realize was an incredible option was voice notes. But even better, voice notes with transcription.

Photos and videos take up a lot of memory space. Even with cloud backup with Google Photos (a lifesaver), it’s not perfect because

  1. The photos are changed to “high quality” rather than staying in the original quality with the free unlimited backup and
  2. You could forget what the photo is of or the circumstances around the photo by it being a still image. Videos take up so much memory and aren’t great if you don’t have a good enough stabilizer.

Journaling every day takes time and by the end of the day you probably forgot some details. You could journal in an app, but again, it takes more time – even if you have a swiping keyboard.

So what’s the solution?

Voice notes that transcribe and export!

I found the app Otter, found on both Android and Apple devices, which offers 600 minutes of audio recording for free each month – that’s 10 hours of talking! You can get 1 month of premium free on Otter here.

You just open the app, tap the “record button” and talk. It transcribes as it listens and allows you to hear the emotions in your voice as you experience something. They’re uploaded into the cloud once connected to internet (data or wifi, you choose) so you can access your notes anywhere and not worry about losing them.

A really cool function is taking a photo while audio recording so that you have a visual memory of what you were talking about as well. That’s pretty great for travel memories!

otter_hero_screens_2.0 from The Verge
photo from The Verge

After trying (and failing) to start my travel blog as soon as I started my journey, I came across this gem of an app. I didn’t use it to its fullest extent, but the notes that I did capture bring me back to that moment in time.

This and video were the best methods to re-live the experiences I had.

It’s incredibly powerful to time travel, and that’s exactly what Otter does.

Originally, Otter was created for transcribing for professionals, but it’s an incredible tool for in-the-moment travel journaling that I super recommend!

Why Otter over other audio recording apps? Because it transcribes what you say! That way when you review the note, you can see a title you create as well as the written version of what you said so it’s faster to skim what you’ve said.

Another great feature of Otter is the multi-functional export option, where you can export the audio and text in a variety of ways.

It’s great to have for other purposes too, and you can organize your voice notes by folders. I use it for travel notes, philosophy/self-development notes, and personal thoughts.

Let me know if you try out the app as you travel!

Get Otter here!


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